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corn pops

i picture the things that we would do 

you know, if it was just me and you 

standing naked in the kitchen 

eatin corn puffs from the box 

and wearin each others socks 

you used to call me your little fox 

and we would laugh about all the things 

that have been leavin us so blue 



you are my sunshine 

that’s what you said 

and just like those bubbles 

it all went to my head  

now we’re dead to each other 

that’s what you said 

and even if you didn’t  

hey now that’s what you meant 


still you’re screamin out loud how hard is time 

but we’re all buyin in like a passing dime 

you know you’re doin bad but you say i’m fine

it’s all so fine

cause there’s so much time if you just settle down

there’s so much to feel there’s so much sound

so i hope one day i’ll see you around

just to laugh about it all


call in the witnesses and ask what they’ve heard

a penny for my thoughts but for yours a whole world

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