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oh my

she forgot how to smile

sat alone in her skin

as embers fell from the sky

and her sister screamed

and her daddy cried

and her mama flew far away

and the winds they were rushing

and the rain fell in sheets

and she fell to her knees 

and prayed

she’d say 



oh my music

oh my god

let me hear you

the song of my soul

the hymn of my heart

i pray to stay true 

to you

are you a lost soul

are you a seeker

the death of a dream

or the finder and the keeper

when you lay at night

you know just you and your bones

do you feel inside

like you have built a home


so she hopped on a plane

an overnight to LA

where nobody there knew her name 

and you’re out with your friends

but you can’t feel your feet

now you’re stumbling getting sick on the street

and we all just wanna be kids again

and I just wanna hold your hand

isn’t it funny the things we choose

to believe 

still we sing




jump inside

let yourself

feel alright


oh my music

oh my god

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