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airport blues


where have you gone

you are so far away 

i once had you but i couldn't stay

oh sunshine 

i'm feeling blue


when you 

wake in the morning 

in london town

don't let the voices inside 

bring you down

oh sunshine 

oh blue


oh you you you you 

oh you 

oh sunshine 

oh you


first sight 

i want to love you 

in the moonlight 

let me take you 

when the time is right 

i just might 

oh oh oh you 


sleep you soundly 

please don't worry love

some day soon you'll go back up above

oh my angel 

oh my sunshine 

oh you 


wrapped around my wrist

i can still feel your last kiss

sweet salt drippin eyes

dancin round our goodbyes 

seems like some things in this life

some things in this life just 

should not be

oh sunshine 

oh you 

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