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sea swearing

i’m tryna find my footing

my sea legs, those sweet days

and all of these moments

pass pass before my eyes

but i swore last night

that i would feel no more

like i did before

i’m right here you know

you should come here you know

i should leave you i know 

it’s all over, i know


and you laugh and say baby

you really know what to say

but i just tell you how i feel 

you just love to push it away

you push push push


you bargain your body

sell your security

then hide in a corner

and pray for your purity

lost in the search 

for the kid you once were

try to paint it in smoke

but it comes out in blurs

so you sit in your shivers

two bright eyes in the dark

you try talking to God

but you don't know where to start

you tear at my heart

tear at my heart

stick to what you know

and just tear tear tear tear 

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