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good & bye

we traded clothes before you left

you were seemin breathless

i was feeling senseless 


she took your bag, i felt bereft 

i followed you the whole way 

til there came a point i had to stop and say 

goodbye my love 

i’ll miss you so 

goodbye my love 

i hate that you have to go 


the sweet smell of you is stuck in my room

so i’ll lay in it all day

and think about my one way

you are my sun my stars and my moon

a constellation whirlwind oh boy how you do me in 

and now it’s


goodbye my love 

i’ll miss you soooo

goodbye my love 

i hate it when you go 


i hope california kisses you 

the city lights see you through 

and when you wake up in the place you grew up

you feel yourself at home 

i hope the children are all safe in bed

and anywhere you lay your head

wherever that may be

you feel yourself at home


and we never ever have to say

goodbye my love...

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